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As a professional partner, we help our customers develop complex products with the aim of measurably improving value creation and performance for them. To stay successful, we have to keep on evolving. This applies to each individual and to the company as a whole. We create optimal framework conditions for this.

We identify with the customer and their products to a great degree, thus exceeding customer expectations and generating enthusiasm for our performance, employees and IGEL as a company. We aspire to solve our customers problems in an integrated way.

In our day-to-day business, we also refer to professional guidelines, the law, regulations and internal directives; at the same time, we are aware that these standards do not cover all conduct.

That’s why we created codes of conduct for all IGEL AG employees. These codes of conduct are based on our core values and serve the long-term preservation of the company and the well-being of employees, customers and partners.

We want to be independent

For us, independence means freedom of choice. We grow in an autonomous way, focussing on the long term. This freedom of choice helps us to find the best solution for us and our customers.

We are proactive and successful!

Designing the future means being proactive and self-determined. We are not satisfied with the status quo—creativity and courage are demanded and encouraged.


We want holistic success

Compatibility of private needs and company goals is just as important as learning new skills and an attractive working environment. Our customers value how we achieve our results and who is behind it: the IGEL team.


We work together - teamwork is our key to success

Collaboration is characterised by mutual help, trust, reliability and open and honest dealings with each other. At IGEL, this understanding of teamwork also applies to collaboration with our customers.


We want dynamics and stability in balance

Financial stability and our team spirit allow us to achieve big goals and take necessary risks in a calculated way.


We preserve our brand "IGEL"!

That’s why we don’t do anything that could damage our brand reputation.