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The development partner for drive systems of the future

Today’s world is characterised by greater complexity, speed and disruptive innovation. Many changes are difficult to predict. Experts are in demand for new developments.

As an independent development partner, IGEL AG specialises in holistic development in the field of drive technology. This includes the five following core areas: drive development, transmission development, drive integration, energy storage and test bench systems.

We stand for impressive expertise, flexible engineering and highly motivated commitment to innovation, reliability and quality. We also have strong network partners. Our goal is customer success with the jointly developed products and concepts.

Electric drives

We develop and optimise various components of the electric drive train. Even though the electric motor has been around for more than 100 years, series development in the automotive environment is once again placing new demands on engineers. We also support our customers in the development of storage casing and fuel cells.

Internal combustion engine

IGEL AG has more than 20 years of experience in the development of components for combustion engines. Large castings such as cylinder heads and crankcases are our specialism. We also take on developments in the area of valve and crank drives and for all other important drive train components.

Drive integration

Drive concepts are becoming increasingly complex and installation spaces are getting tighter. We solve this problem for you in the area of drive integration. We take on tasks such as developing components, carrying out package tests and carrying out functional validation for the drive concept. The result is a coherent overall concept.

Transmission development

The transmission plays a key role in the development of efficient and dynamic vehicles. Our experienced development specialists cover the entire process in the field of gearbox development and are proficient in modern computation and CAD programs. When procuring hardware, we draw on our established manufacturing network.

Fuel systems

In the field of fuel systems, we take on concept creation, geometric integration into the overall vehicle as well as detailing and drawing creation for you. We ensure functional safety through computations and simulations which accompany the design (e.g. filling simulation).

Battery storage

When developing battery storage systems, the challenge is to integrate them into the package while at the same time ensuring the functional aspects. Our portfolio ranges from function development to various detailed computations and drawing creation.

Test bench systems

Our team of engineers and technicians supports you in the development and adaptation of your tools, fixtures and test benches. We take on tasks from initial idea to hardware delivery.