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Interesting projects

We have dropped the word ‘routine’ from our vocabulary. As specialists, we are always working on new forward-looking projects for our customers, as well as on our own in-house projects. The aim is always to expand our knowledge, increase our level of experience and create measurable success for ourselves and our clients.

Performance-based & fair payment

Your salary is performance-based, in line with the market and is based on your qualifications, performance and level of experience. There is also a performance-related bonus after one year of employment. You can also count on voluntary special payments with us.


We want you to grow with us, both personally and professionally. Step by step, one step after another. Because if you stop moving, you stop progressing. That’s why our employees carry out regular internal or external training. We also give interns the chance to carry out training. 

Employee shares

IGEL AG is an unlisted stock corporation. As an employee, you have the opportunity to acquire shares and benefit from long-term success. We are in the same strong boat heading towards success and growth. Be part of this strong team.

Pension scheme

IGEL AG offers its employees a 100% employer-funded pension scheme. You also have the option of taking out a direct insurance policy, which is also supported by IGEL AG. We think about your future.

Flat hierarchies

IGEL AG has flat hierarchies with short communication paths. We live the  ‘open door’ culture. This also applies to our Board of Directors. The personal closeness of employees and supervisors within the company distinguishes us and forms the basis of the positive environment for which we often receive praise. 

Working from home

There are times when it’s helpful to be able to work from home. You save time commuting and can find the peace and quiet you need to get through more work. That’s why we allow our employees to work from home.  We support our employees.

Health & safety at work

Health and safety at work starts with taking precautions. Among other things, you will find optimised workplaces with height-adjustable CAD tables and a healthy work/life balance. We want to stay fit, because as the saying goes, ‘healthy body, health mind’.

Flexible working hours

With our flexible working hours models, we allow our employees to arrange their working hours so that they have more time for their families or for social and community activities. Our employees’ work/life balance is very important to us. 

Strong team

IGEL AG’s culture is a family culture. We know that strength can only come from cohesion. Because a team is only as strong as its weakest link. We respect, help and support each other and have a lot of fun. Joint successes are the best successes.

Parental leave

You spending time with your newborns is important to us. That’s why we support new parents with parental leave. We look forward to the annual summer party, where colleagues have the opportunity to present any new family additions.


You have the option of opening a lifelong working time account and saving up salary and overtime to take time off or retire early. In addition to this, IGEL AG has also been able to negotiate good terms for a group rate here. 


Numerous events are designed to promote internal exchange as well as information and communication for individual employees. They also cover further education and an overview of IGEL AG’s current and future path.  There are also events that are purely for entertainment and  give one or two new employees the chance to meet more people and make new contacts.

Promotion opportunities

85 percent of our managers come from within the company. We promote talent and give our employees the opportunity to develop both on a professional and on a personal level. Whether you are pursuing the path of project manager, trainer or senior designer, we will actively support you on your way and get the best out of you.

Permanent employment contracts

We strive for long-term success, which also applies to our employees. That’s why you will only see permanent employment contracts at IGEL AG. Knowledge and expertise is passed on internally from employee to employee and is one thing that guarantees IGEL AG’s success. We therefore endeavour to increase and maintain this knowledge.