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Discover our work: new four-cylinder engine in the BMW S1000RR

IGEL AG received its first commission from BMW Motorrad to represent the prototype construction stage of an engine in the summer of 2014. It was the successor to the first BMW superbike with over 200 hp per litre from a naturally aspirated engine. The concept handed over to us by the pre-development department first had to be checked, adjustments made, drawings created and parts procured. It was possible to adopt the gearbox and engine periphery from the predecessor model. After the design phase was successfully completed ahead of schedule, the engine superstructure was brought forward. In spring 2015, we moved the components to our partner Oral Engineering to completely assemble the engine on site. The initial assembly of the new S 1000 RR took just four days, as everything went smoothly. This was followed by test bench operation for the first application and the endurance run for concept confirmation. At IGEL, we are proud to say that our range of services from design, change management, approvals and supplier clarification through to computations have been instrumental in helping BMW Motorrad to bring the components of the basic S1000RR engine and its derivatives into series production.